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March 17, 2019: “POST- BARGAINING CONVENTION”, Types of Strikes, Best thing members can do during contract time, Loyal Opposition, and Trumps Lordstown Tweet. Please join Co-Host Jeff Brown, with Moderator Leroy McKnight, tonight at 7:00pm est, and by podcast any time thereafter; where these “Progressives For Change Offer Opinions That Matter”.


“I’ve been troubled lately by the overall negative tone of our membership at this critical time. In our country right now there is a bit of a renaissance in labor. The teachers are energized, the flight attendants, grad students are making noise. New sectors are being organized all the time. In contrast, many of us autoworkers are behaving like spoiled children…. Me, me, me.. The International did this and that.. Blah, blah.. Same old stuff.

We haven’t even begun to negotiate yet and all I hear is negativity. Some would have you believe that all our problems are the fault of our leadership. And truthfully they deserve some scrutiny. But, the reality is that there is plenty of blame to go around. Who has the final say on our National Ageements anyway? The membership… that’s who. And we have been ratifying concessionary contracts for decades.

Others will fall back on the same old talking points about past injustices, thinking that it justifies whatever argument they need it to. It doesn’t. And it doesn’t do us any good right now either. Brothers and Sisters, looking backwards will not take us where we need to be. Only by looking forward will we be successful.

The real question we should be asking ourselves is what are we willing to do to achieve our goals? Are you willing to at least let our negotiators do their damn jobs before you start sniping?? Because everyone deserves a chance to do their job. Afterall, we do have the final say with our votes. To undercut our own bargaining is asinine. Are you willing to get off your asses and go to your union meetings and ask questions? Are you willing to put on a red shirt on Wednesday and give management visual message they can’t miss?? How can we reasonably expect to have a big victory in the fall when we can’t even be bothered to do the small things?

So we can sit around and belly ache about old news or we can do something positive with the opportunity in front of us. If we split into factions nothing good will happen. There are many ways to screw it up, but only one way to succeed… We need to stand together and stop the infighting for the good of all of us. We must get ACTIVE, and get EDUCATED, and we must put aside our differences and UNITE!”


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